Friday, December 15

Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns

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No one has any doubt that Mario Bros is Nintendo’s main character. He came to win over our hearts. No other character has had the succes of Mario. But, one thing we must know, that in his first days, he was called simply Jumpman. And his first mission was to save a girl from a gorilla named Donkey Kong (not to be confused with King Kong). This ape is also a special character of Nintendo, of equal long-standing fame (even if he is less famous than Mario).

Whatever. Now Donkey Kong returns in ‘Donkey Kong Country Returns’. It was developed with the Wii in mind, and is a combination of tradition and the newest developments.

The main thread of the game is very simple and not very different from the first version. Donkey Kong is in a remote island with Diddy and has to defend himself from a tribe which is able to hypnotize animal. Some also try to steal his bananas. The adventure sounds simple, but it is a high paced and engaging game, as we all expect from Nintendo.

In the single mode, the player controls Diddy besides Donkey Kong.

The multiplayer mode is unhappily only designed with two players in mind. Each uses one of the characters – Diddy or Donkey Kong, but, unlike in early versions, are now controlled independently. The drawback is that you’ll need good coordination to avoid messing with the jumps or falling down (and loosing life). Players do not play against each other, they play with each other.


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