Friday, December 15

Communication 101 For Relationships

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Do it daily

The more you talk to each other daily, the better your relationship will be. You should not ignore each other or give each other the cold shoulder. You will wish that you did not ignore them. You should communicate daily even if it’s bad news. Your relationship wills much better if you communicate on a daily basis.

Tackle problems

You should tackle the problems right away and don’t sweep it under the rug because it will creep out later on. Whenever you feel like it’s a problem, you should address it right away or else it will become a monster later on. Some people have tendencies to hide them out of courtesy but it could turn into a passive aggressive problem.

Eyes contact

You should look at each other in the eyes when you talk so you know that you’re on the same page. When you avoid eyes contact, it means that you’re hiding with your eyes.

Don’t blame

It’s easy to blame in a relationship so we can get away with responsibilities but you should not blame and take responsibilities and apologize for what you did.

Don’t attack

You should not attack the other person, or else your problems will triple in size. It’s easy to attack so we can get our anger off but it won’t help at all.


If you find your partner doing something good, you should praise them. It will give them good karma and it can be a boost for your relationship. Men and women both love to receive praise and know that they’re doing well.

Be a team player

This means you should let your partner in on your deals. If you leave them out, they will resent you later. They might think that you don’t care enough to share with them. When they’re involved, they will feel more appreciated and important. They’re your partner so why should they be left out on anything around the house.


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