Thursday, December 14

How to Gain an Extra Competitive Edge Against Competitors

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Provide better service

It’s apparent that you can win more customers with better service. There are companies who provide terrifying services out there and even in this day and age, knowing that service is a priority. I know that I will never come back to a bad service business. I don’t have to because there are plenty of others out there will treat me good.


Everyone loves something free once in awhile. You can give them free food or beverages if they vacation with you or stay at your hotel for extended amount of time. The food and beverage cost close to nothing but it will make them happy or give them a reason to choose your business over someone else’s.

Better employees

The employees are the ones who provide the services and if they don’t provide the services than your customers will leave. I know so many companies who hired terrible employees and they don’t fix them and they don’t fire them. They are the ones who deal with customers so they will sent all of your customers running if they don’t know ho two do their jobs right.

Lower price

You should give your product a little bit of a lowered price, even if it’s just 30 cents, since people care about prices and they will be comparing them badly.

Better amenities

If you have a concert hall or a pool you’re better off than a hotel that doesn’t have those features. The more amenities you have, the better you’re off. You have to have entertainment for your guests.


Promotions will bring them in and a lot of them too at any one point. They might be buying something else while they’re there.


Quality will win over time. No one wants to wear a pair of shoes that will give them blister and cant’ fit right. They want something that is high in quality and will fit right. Many consumers out there are into quality and this is why brand names clothing’s are a commodity.


If you stand for something, you will catch their heart. For example, you’re a green company like Fresh and easy or if you’re face book, who gives away $100 million dollars for education. You have to stand for some cause that will make people want to support you, like you give 10% away to charity or you work on employing minorities and the disabled.


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