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Kinect – Xbox 360's Hands Free Motion Control System

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Kinect is Microsoft Xbox 360‘s hands-free motion control system.  It was called Project Natal earlier.  This technology allows the gamers to use their whole body while playing.  Microsoft unveiled this on the night of June 13th, but it was leaked earlier by USA Today.  This was featured at E3 games expo, on June 15th at LosAngeles

During the event games like Star Wars were demonstrated.  Some other games were yoga game, soccer, racing, boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, table tennis, track and field games, pet games and river rafting game.  There was also dance-em-up game by MTV games.  Some people who participated in the event said that it reminded them of the 2002 Spielberg movie “Minority Report”.  

Kinect uses a sensor which can be placed above or below the TV.  It comes with three built in cameras and voice recognition system.  These help the system to get the player‘s exact location, there by enabling it to respond to the movements.  

Another amazing feature of Kiect is that it enables users to scroll through photos and to share them.  Users can also start live video chat with friends.  This is done using Kinect app on the dashboard.  

Kinect competes with Sony‘s PlayStation Move Controller and Nintendo’s WiiMotion Plus.  Companies have invested billions of dollars in development of this technology during the past decade.  

Kinect is definitely a significant step ahead in technological advancement in gaming.  It is exciting.  Gamers are really enjoying this new experience.  In fact researchers at MIT‘s Media Lab have developed a software plug-in called DepthJS which enables them to control web browser by connecting Kinect to a computer.  This definitely sounds exciting.  Another reason why Kinect is a welcome change it  that people playing games will now also burn some calories!


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