Friday, December 15

Pride Comes Before Destruction

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I am not sure if you will agree with this but I have seen this happening everywhere. When somebody exalt himself, he is proud, arrogant thinking that he is better than others, this person will usually not enjoy his success for a long time. He is bound for destruction. Lots of people who are talented and have extra ordinary abilities are proud and arrogant. Because of their extra ordinary talent, they would think that no body can do that, they resort to belittling others who are struggling to be identified.

The perfect example of one who lost his wonderful opportunity as a leader of all angels was Lucifer. Because of his beauty and abilities that no body can surpass, he became proud. He is not contented of his talents and abilities and he wants to overpower his creator. Because of his evil plan he was cast out in the atmosphere of heaven. That was his awful mistake but still God want him to repent and ask forgiveness but he did not do it. Instead, he accused God of being unfair. He even poison the minds of 1/3 of the angels to go with him for a rebellion against the government of God. Because of what he did, he was cast out together with his angels.

His verdict is he will be destroyed at the end of the earth’s history. It is known that Lucifer doesn’t want to suffer alone with this that is why he is tempting people to commit sin so that he will have company when his final destruction would come. Many people in the world today are proud of what they become and they want to show it to the world. This is why we need to pray that God will make us humble. Pride always come before destruction.


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