Tuesday, December 12

International Comeuppance Day

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One of the saddest things about today’s world is that we do not have an International Comeuppance Day.  On such a day that guy who likes to throw pies in the faces of national figures would get a pie in his face once per minute all day long.  After a couple of hours of this, we would ask him, between pies, why he thought putting pies in the faces of people he doesn’t like was such a good idea.

All those pseudo Nazi right wingers who insist that they prayed to God and God said they can torture anyone whose religion or skin color is sufficiently different from their own would be water boarded for 24 hours straight.  On about the 15th hour, between water boardings we could ask them if they still believe water boarding is not torture.  We would also demand that they admit they prayed to Satan for permission to torture since God would not sanction it.

We could feed animal rights activists to hungry polar bears and use radical environmentalists for fertilizer. 

People who insist on strapping bombs to retarded girls and using the girls to blow up strangers would get bombs strapped to them and they would be used blow pigs, dogs and garbage trucks.

All the people who believe in man made global warming would be stripped and thrown out into the woods naked.  If they lit a fire they would be shot for breaking environmental laws.

Every government official and all their families would have to go through all that groping and X-ray stripping they put us through at the airports all day long, once every 15 minutes in full public view.  No more bypassing the naked body scanner Mr. Speaker.

Every congressman, senator and the president as well would be immediately subject to each and every law they passed.  For instance, all their mail, houses, phone calls and the apartments of the mistresses and gay lovers would be searched every hour on the hour and if they complained about it they would be arrested and sent to Guantanamo.   Every penny they spent would be audited and they would be arrested and put in jail if a single penny went where it was not supposed to go.

Everyone who says there is nothing wrong with illegal immigration would immediately have his house broken into by illegal immigrants and drug dealers who came across the border with the illegal immigrants.   These criminals would act as house squatters and they take and do what they want with no recourse or consequences.  The people who love foreign criminals would loose their jobs to the illegal aliens as well.


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