Sunday, December 17


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A few years ago I started to suffer from difficulty in getting asleep and in waking up really early. but sleeping all day.  I was also jumpy and bad tempered. about everything even my cooking. I decided this was about nervous tension.  I looked for and found a hypnotherapist. near to where I used to go for maternity check ups. You see I didn’t want to waste my doctor’s time with something so trivial, nor did I want to consult my hipothesist, for the same reason really. So, off I trotted to my first hypnosis session. I was a bit scared – it only took half  an hour to park my car.  She got me to lie on a couch and sat in an armchair opposite me. My nerves settled a bit, well I didn’t know  what to expect. An hour or later I woke up from a deep sleep much calmer. I was given at tape of her . I slept like a lamb and have ever since – although I don’t listen to the tape any more. Cheerful? Yes I suppose I am. Irritating? Yup  smile ::-) ha. Gosh I miss emoticons! So hypnosis? It can’t make you do anything you are not pepared to do not scary.


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