Monday, December 11

250 Gb Juicy Photos

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250 GB juicy photos.

Set as a good publicity stunt
Playboy magazine has decided to create one nice to his fans, to digitize the archives for 56 years.
Hot retro “released on the hard drive capacity of 250 gigabytes, according to PC World

On the disc, packed in a colorful gift box with the famous bunny on the cover,
contains more than 100 thousand pages and photos of the 650 publications,
appeared in the pages of publications in the period from 1953 to December 2009,
transmits NEWSru Israel.

As a bonus, lacked only make an inflatable rubber doll
and a good bottle of whiskey. Or a box of good cigars.
Probably would have broken all new sales records. While the idea certainly is not bad.
Archive has been digitized by Vondi Digital Publishing,
which also helped in creating online editorial archive.
Not bad work turned up the guys.
The disc went on sale in the U.S. costs $ 300.

On-site Playboy could create one dedicated computer
to whom it was possible to connect this device. From Playboy logo on the side.
Well, without a special monitor, I think it would have not done.
Well, then of course there would only create one your operating system
such as cyber Playboy. That would be a real competitor to Windows.
I think the sale of windows then fell by 90%. But apparently a Playboy at it lacked money
And perhaps imagination. And they decided that.

Contents of the archive can be viewed on computers,
are running Windows, on the computers provided by Apple,
as well as video players that have USB input.

Playboy photo archive is only part of hard drive capacity,
More than 200 gigabytes, users can use at their discretion,
For example, to store photos and videos from your home archive. Probably
The authors suggested the idea that a professional erotic will coexist
Amateur hot photos and video. Although I think that the hard drive for this
too small. Given that most of the videos have been transferred to HD or Bluray
then the hard drive could create one, and more. At least 1 terabyte


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