Monday, December 11

New Tvshack Domain 2010

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Tvshack an Internet site to the road in the high seas suspected of illegal money from the film service. Website offers both free of charge thousands of movies, which are not paid royalties.

Internet is running a lot of rumor that one of the new domains may be We are heard many others new tvshack domains.,, and

The lack of activity is difficult, because the movies are foreign servers.

Copyright Information and Control TAVK has contacted the webmaster of the site early last year.

“This is an illegal service, which is largely directed at Americans. To dispense with the page of domestic films in the beginning of the year. At the same time, we announced a service to foreign partners,” TAVK’s Executive Director James Dolley says.

TTVK’s contact with the page can still be found in spite of domestic production. In addition, the service is running movies that are only released in the cinemas.

Most of the Tvshack films are free, but the service is moving the money. Administrator’s makes money, including the website of rotating ads and paying for VIP services.

TvShack OPD administrator refused to answer journalists’ questions, because he says the site contains secret information. Website in the bulletin, however, explains that the films are linked to the service from elsewhere on the Internet, which is why TVShack declines all responsibility.

Dolley James disagrees. According to him, can not escape liability on the grounds that the material comes from elsewhere.

“TVshack nevertheless they provide service,” Dolley notes.

Central Criminal Police has not been receiving reports of the film service. Criminal Inspector Dan Henderson, however, estimates that TVShack case may be found in the copyright of an offense, because the service to make money from other works.

Henderson also points out that the police will investigate the case until after the right of the holder of the copyright infringement of any investigation.


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