Thursday, December 14

Top 3 Things to do in York

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York is one of the most beautiful and “must see” cities in the whole of the UK.  York is located in the heart of Yorkshire, northern England.

York is famous for many things, including the Vikings and Guy Fawkes.  York is a favourite tourist attraction and has something to offer pretty much everyone. See here .

Here are our top 3 things to do when you visit York

1.  Visit the beautiful Minster.  York Minster is an extremely grand and awe inspiring building; unfortunately the maintenance costs mean that you have to pay for entry but it is well worth the cost.

2. Walk round the walls.  York is a walled city and the majority of the existing walls are still in very good condition which means you can walk round most of the city and take in everything the city has to offer from a good and high up vantage point.

3. visit the Yorvick Museum.  This is a renowned museum about life during Viking times, a fun museum that is perfect for the whole family.

So, here are three top picks of places to visit when in York.  There are many, many more top attractions though so you will always find plenty to do in York.


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