Saturday, December 16

Life is Not Perfect

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People often wish to live a perfect life. They want to have just the right house, car, partner, children, and career. They want to look a certain way and be disease free. People try to set goals for themselves and hope that writing those goals down on paper will actually help them achieve the goals. However, real life is more complicated than that. In reality, we cannot simply achieve all our goal by writing them down. We are human and we make mistakes. Sometimes we do things that feel right even though those things do not make any logical sense.

People should stop being so hard on themselves. People are not perfect and life is not perfect either. We often simply do what feels right at the moment. We may have planned things differently, but real life circumstances tend to lead the way. Such as life. We should stop going against the grain. There is nothing wrong in aspiring to live better. However, it is also wise to acknowledge that sometimes we do not really know what is best for us. Perhaps it is best to stop trying so hard and just live in the moment. Stop spending so much time planning your life and start spending more time living it.


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