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Radio Commercials That Work: Radio Advertising Expert Dan O’Day Reveals Two Universal Truths

Want to know the two biggest universal truths I’ve uncovered in the 36 different countries where I’ve taught commercial copywriting?

1. Every country thinks their coffee is the best, while the coffee made by their closest neighbor is sewage.

2. Every country thinks there is a magical number of seconds that comprises the “optimal” length of a radio commercial.

The most common commercial length is 30 seconds.

But I’ve taught in countries where the standard is 20 seconds.

In one South American country, pretty much all they sell is :10s.

In one Scandinavian country, the commercial length is whatever the advertiser says it is; radio stations charge by the second. Want a 17-second commercial? No problem. You’ll pay half the amount that a 34-second commercial costs.

I’ve heard some extraordinary 2-minute commercials.

North America mostly sells :60s and :30s.

What is the “optimal” length?

Objectively speaking, there really isn’t one.

As a copywriter, I like having the luxury of 60 seconds in which to spin my sales story.

On the other hand, I’ve written 10-second commercials I’ve been very proud of and that — much more importantly — made money for the client.

But the most common length sold by radio stations is 30 seconds.

Especially since a major initiative was launched by the world’s largest radio group owner, stressing 30-second spots.

There’s an old saying in Sales: “The more you tell, the more you sell.”

That’s one reason it’s often nice to have 60 seconds at your disposal.

But you can write extremely powerful, results-producing, money-making 30-second commercials.



And with great originality.

I’ve created an easy to follow, exceptionally flexible 5-Step System for creating radio commercials that get results.

You’ll never guess what I call this System:

Dan O’Day’s Guaranteed 5-Step System For Creating 30-Second Radio Commercials That Get Results.

“A Five-Step System That Really Works? Yeah, Right.”

I don’t blame you for being skeptical.

If you’re skeptical, it’s for one of two reasons:

1. You’re an “old pro” who has “seen it all.” You figure my System is just a rehash of what you already know.


2. You believe you are not “creative” enough to write effective advertising.

If you’re an old pro, you’ll soon realize you’ve never encountered the secrets contained in this System anywhere else — unless you’ve attended one of my “live” seminars where I teach the System in a hands-on, real-time environment.

(My speaking fee is $10,000 per day. If you’ve got the budget, I’ll be happy to fly to wherever you are and teach you my system in person.)

You’re not “creative” enough?

I travel around the world proclaiming, “Radio advertising is not an exercise in creativity. It is Mass Salesmanship.”

Being creative certainly doesn’t hurt.

But you don’t need to be creative to write an effective, results-producing commercial.

If you can sell in person, you can sell in a commercial.

I’ll teach you how in….

Dan O’Day’s Guaranteed 5-Step System For Creating 30-Second Radio Commercials That Get Results.


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