Thursday, December 14

The French Went Into The Server Wikileaks Offline

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The main server scandalous resource WikiLeaks, located in France, went offline. On it informs Associated Press referring to representatives of the Swiss Pirate Party, supporting the work site.Now they carry traffic to the alternate server Swedish WikiLeaks. According to the representative of the Pirate Party, it may take several hours. At the time of this writing website that publishes confidential material, was not available at their address (, but revealed by IP-address of Swedish server (

Why French server stopped working, while not known for certain. However, earlier the Minister Eric Besson, has called unacceptable that provider services scandalous site provides French company OVH.

In late November, WikiLeaks has left its main server in Sweden and moved most of the traffic in France. After the publication of confidential dispatches of American diplomats service several times subjected to hacker attacks, resulting in a forced to change the domain name on

Earlier it was reported that the Australian police began checking that did not violate a founder WikiLeaks Julian Assange laws of this country. This was stated by Foreign Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd, his words are reports Reuters. If the police suspect the founder WikiLeaks in illegal activities, the case will be handed over to prosecutors.

Assange – a native of Australia, but after the start of the scandalous life he was forced to leave the country. In a recent interview Assange said that she missed home, but sees no possibility of return because the Australian authorities to help the U.S. in its pursuit. Previously founder WikiLeaks sought asylum in Sweden, but was refused; reported that Assange intends to try his luck in Switzerland. At the moment, according to unofficial sources, he is in the south of England.

In Sweden, Assange suspect in the rape and harassment, in the investigation warrant Assange issued by Interpol. The founder WikiLeaks connects the prosecution with his revelatory work.


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