Monday, December 11


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Almost everyone i know has a blackberry, its kind of annoying if you think about it. I must admit that i myself have succumbed to socities ways and i also have a blackberry. It is really annoying every where i go or where anyone else goes you see a blackberry in someone;s hands. Even teachers have blackberry’s, too many people have blackberry’s, every where i go i see people texting and checking their facebook status, the blackberry is like a little computer, its true you can look up anything you want on the blackberry, it like having amini computer in your hands. If you have a blackberry you probably agree with me that it is like a mini computer. Dont get me wrong but i love my blackberry, i would be lost if i ddint have it, it has become a neccesity know to have phone, but blackberry’s are a new type of technology, they allow you to have the world in your hands at any time of the day no matter where you are. The blackberry is one of the best phones that i have ever had, older generations have never even seen technology like this before, people over 60 years old are probably scared of this new technology because they have never had a computer so small in their hands. They were just getting use to desktops and laptops but now we are giving them a blackberry? I guess everyone will have to adjust to new things in life.


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