Monday, December 11

Behind Every Person There is a Story

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We received a radio call to see a woman, who had reported her car stolen a few days ago, but has now found the car.  We drove to the location which was a very poor neighborhood infested with gang members, graffiti and drugs.

Upon our arrival we met a woman who spoke broken English and was very humble in her appearance and demeanor.  “Sorry to bother you Officers,” she said looking down at the ground.  “I found my car I reported stolen three days ago, she saidas she twisted a corner of her apron.  “What happened?” I asked.   “Well, Officers, I have two sons… one good son and one bad son… I’m so sorry, but I didn’t know that the bad son had taken my car and disappeared for three days, he just came home and now I have my car back.”  I explained to the woman that everything would be alright and that we would simply take the stolen car out of the system and explained that she had nothing more to worry about.

She was very thankful and then said, “May I tell you about my good son Officers?”  We told her that we would love to hear about her son.  “Well, when my one good son was born in Mexico the Doctors came to me and told me he had died and that I needed to go home and bring a box so they could bury him… I told the Doctors that I wanted to see my baby and so they brought him to me and as I held him I saw that he was limp and lifeless and looked dead… I left the Hospital and then came back later with a box.  Before I gave them the box I asked to see my baby one more time… They brought my son back to me Officers, and as I held him, I knew something was wrong… to my surprise, I saw his eye move… my baby was alive… I knew they drugged him and was trying to steal my baby so I took him in my arms and ran to the basement of the Hospital and called the Police… the Police came and helped me and my baby… I was so grateful and will never forget those kind Officers and what they did for me and my son.

“That’s an incredible story,” I said to her.  “Yes, he is now twenty-one years old and I am so proud of him… Our whole family is proud of him.”  She was beaming with pride.   “Officers,” she said with tears in her eyes, “My son will be graduating the LosAngeles Police Academy next week… His dream was to someday become a Police Officer… and now that dream has come true for him.”

My partner and I congratulated her and we shook hands, told her that we were looking forward to meeting her son someday and we left.  “You just never know about people’s lives,” I thought to myself.  “I would have never believed an LAPD Officer would come from such a humble back ground.”

My partner was driving and I was staring out of the window and as we pulled onto the main street I looked up at a billboard caught my eye.  The large sign had a picture of an old man and the caption next to the picture read; Behind every person, there is a story.”


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