Sunday, December 17

Unblocking a Blocked Tollet

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Flush (if you can),  make sure the bowl is not too full empty some water into a bucket if need be. Now you need an old fashioned string mop and mop bucket (a wooden stick, with lots of strings attached to one end). Plunge the mop in the toilet bowl right to the bottom , creating a vacuum, pull it out – as you would a sink plunger. The toilet should empty, if it does, flush, and put your now wet and gungy mop in a bucket of fresh and soapy water. If it doesn’t call a plumber!  My downstairs toilet has blocked twice now. The first time I called a plumber, just as I’d had my patio laid. He advised to pull up my patio and lay a new drainage pipe, he charged £60 call out fee – just for having a look! My neighbour said ‘no problem’ fetch your old mop from the garage voila done! It cost a pint of beer. I am so glad my neighbour is such a practical man. I get really cheesed off at the tap tap tap bang bang every weekend, but he sorted me out. I could solve the problem next time by myself!


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