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Trial And Error in Ppc Advertising

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Running a pay per click advertising campaign can be complicated, but you can simplify it a little by sticking to your keywords. Keywords are the phrases people type into a search engine to find your content, and they’re naturally repeated on your website several times. The PPC ads that appear on your website will be the ones that are targeting the same keywords
as you. This ensures that the products and services being advertised are related to the content on your website.

Since you’re trying to utilize pay per click advertising to make the largest amount of money possible for your website, you need to target keywords that will actually get people to click on the ads. Start by creating two sets of keywords you want to try. These should be similar phrases that are yet different enough from each other to warrant separate keywords. If you’re unsure which keywords to test first, use one of the many online products that can help track keyword popularity. Google AdWords is one keyword tool that works very well. It not only helps you come up with synonyms for the phrases you’re considering, but also shows you the popularity of all the keyword phrases. Look for popular phrases and add these to your keyword list.

Choosing the right keywords is an uphill battle, so don’t feel discouraged if the first set of keywords you pick doesn’t bring in the cash you wanted. You’ll have to test your keywords for a while before you’ll know if they work. The best way to test your keywords is by creating multiple versions of your landing pages. This is known as an A/B test.

Once you’ve got both keyword lists, pay for about 15 to 20 pages of content to be written using each of those sets of keywords. Create two or three versions of your landing page by changing the URL of each page slightly. Then, post your articles up on both versions of your website and see how much traffic each gets. You can even change the layout and images you use on your landing pages because every little detail can affect whether or not someone clicks on the pay per click ads you have on your page.

Measure those pages over one month’s time and keep careful records of how many visitors you get. If you signed up for a pay per click ad campaign before you set up your keyword-enriched content, then you can also use the tracking tools provided by the network you signed up for. After one month you should get a pretty complete picture of how well your keywords are or aren’t working. You can even stretch your test out to two months if you want to make sure you get accurate results.

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