Thursday, December 14

Thank You Guys Who Came to View My Poems And Leaving Comments

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Dear World and Viewers,

Thank you for coming, viewing, and leaving comments on my poems. I know the poems can be work on but I would like to see some comments, so I can revised them or update them. I will give proper credit to whom ever leaves a comment on my poems.

I published my poems to earn an income but I suddenly realize that this is not the best way to publish poems that I love to write. I like to write Japanese poems because they are how I feel about the world and they give me a structure to work with.

I am at your mercy on these poems that I wrote. I like to get feedback on them, so I can use your ideas and put them into the poems. These are my poems but I am going to share are the credit with you as the viewers and commenters.


Adam J. Mercier

P.S. I appreciate everything you viewers do. So, if I may ask everyone that looks at my poems and this letter leave a comment. Read the poems and this letter first, than read the poems. Also, if anyone is interest in my poems feel free to request poems from me and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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