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Proper Dental Care

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It is important to take good care of our teeth.The shining white pearls enhance our face and smile.Hence we should take proper measures to ensure their proper health.

The first step towards dental care is to follow a regular brushing routine.We should brush our teeth atleast twice a day.This keeps bacteria at bay as it clears the teeth and mouth of food particles.Also brushing should be done with proper strokes.

Also, apart from brushing one’s teeth, we should also floss regularly.This will keep any buildup of plaque in the mouth.

Whie talking about brushing and flossing, it is also important to use a good quality toothpaste.One that contains fluoride is best.Fluoride toothpastes are very beneficial and help prevent cavities.

After brushing the teeth, it is also important to massage the gums.This ensures good blood circulation to the gums.

Also after each meal, rinse the mouth thoroughly.

Another aspect to dental care is correct diet.Keep a check on the food that is consumed.Too much of a sugary diet can cause tooth problems.So it should be limited.Foods rich in Calcium should be consumed.For example Milk is a good source of Calcium.Another good Calcium rich food is Cheese.

Dental care does not include only teeth and gums, but also the tongue.Hence use a tongue cleaner to ensure a complete dental care regime.

Above all, even if you follow all the above mentioned steps, it is still essential that you visit a well qualified dentist atleast once a year for an annual check up.


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