Thursday, December 14

Sony 5.1 Channel Dav-Tz210 Home Theatre System Review

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In my quest to find a great speaker system, I had to finally move to Sony home theatre system and you could not call this quest as speaker system only! Why? Because after hearing Sony DAV-TZ 210 I had to admit that even if I did not have any use of that DVD player, I was so mesmerized by the quality of the this home theatre system that I had to finally end my quest and buy it! Yeah friends! I have finally bought a speaker system that can now be called as a 5.1 channel home theater speaker system and it is just awesome.

You see, I am only reviewing DAV-TZ 210 here because according to the dimensions of my room, this system was perfect and to tell you the truth, it totally rocked the damn floor. If I had gotten other big players (in budget and its predecessors) like DAV-DZ 310 or DAV-TZ 510 then it would have been just a waste of extra money because though they were awesome in themselves I had simply no need to purchase any one of them because my room could not hold them. After all, we can only hear best sound when we choose a perfect speaker system according to the dimensions of our room.

Sony 5.1 Channel DAV-TZ 210 Review

Therefore, here I am talking about DAV-TZ 210 and you can consider this review for its other big brothers too. The only difference would be the total RMS power (600, 850, and 1000 respectively) and the size of your room.

So… let us hear it:

  • The speakers deliver amazing clarity from every corner of the room.

  • Dynamic bass is just too much to handle. I can feel the vibrations crawling under my feet and it sure rocks the floor.

  • Movies and games sound awesome because nearly all of them are 5.1 ready and some games are 7.1 ready and they delivered great sound experience.

  • As for music, not every song was 5.1 channel ready because I had some old songs too. However, some new songs just dived right into my heart and I have to say that when I heard those songs on Altec Lansing and Logitech, I felt some distortion going on and thought that my songs were not up to the task.

  • However, when I played them on this bad boy, they felt like they were retouched by awesomeness. I am not bragging here friends, it is an awesome purchase and I am sure as hell I am not going to regret it.

  • As for price point of view, you can grab them for Rs.12999/- or if you have some sort of access to some cheesy discount, you can have it for only Rs.1150/- and that is my friend, is a real sweet deal.

Therefore, all these points are valid for all three brothers. I have heard all of them and as the product number rises, the sound quality becomes more awesome. You can grab any of them depending on your requirement.
Not all three of these support every feature as DAV-TZ 210 does, so worry about choosing DAV-TZ 210 and missing out some features because you will not! In fact, since DAV-TZ 210 is latest, it actually some additional features than its predecessors. The only thing that you will be missing out would be Total RMS Power that I have already told you, must be chosen according to the environment around this home theater system, i.e. Sony DAV-TZ 210, DAV-DZ 310, DAV-DZ 510.

Good luck out there grabbing this awesome piece friends, ciao.


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