Friday, December 15

Benefits of Asafoetida

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Have you heard of Asafoetida?It is also commonly known as ‘hing’ in India.

Asafoetida is a very common feature in Indian kitchens.It is used as a flavouring agent in cuisine.

Although Asafoetida is used to enhance the taste of food, it also has some really good health benefits.Some of the common ones are:

It has a soothing effect on people suffering from nervousness and depression.

It has got very good blood purifying properties.Hence it is one the best cleansers for the body.In addition it helps to reduce blood pressure.

If a person is suffering from toothache, then asafoetida provides much needed relief.It should be mixed with lemon juice and applied to the affected region.

Perhaps the best known use of Asafoetida is as a digestive.People suffering from constipation,indigestion or feeling bloated after a heavy meal can have it.It acts effectively in stomach problems too.One of the popular ways to use asafoetida is mixing it in curd diluted with water.Add a little salt to taste.If required one can also add coriander to this mixture.The taste of this drink also very good and is best consumed after meal time.

Asafoetida is a spice that is very widely used in traditional Indian and oriental medicine.


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