Sunday, December 17


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When I was growing up, my mum insisted that doors were shut (not slammed!), unused lights were out, running out stuff replaced before extinction,  there was always the basics to make a meal in the cupboard, eg rice and spaghetti. Now the family is grown and independent my husband does the regular shop – he say’s he likes it – as long as he does it alone! Fine, great, a job I’ve had for years I now don’t do wu hey! Except, we now run out of basics like cat food, tissues, toilet paper, spaghetti, rice, coffee, tea, salt, flour and on and on. We ALWAYS need a supplementary midweek shop, not because we are a large famiiy or because our visitors are staying longer than we planned, but because there’s been no forward thinking. Lights are left on, doors are left open, toilet seats left up. Not out of inconsideration but it wasn’t insisted on. It makes me mad enough to spit! Stuff I’ve aways taken for granted, like eg to make  a spag bol I can’t, not because I’m not fit enough, but because there’s no ingredients! I spend my life shutting bin lids, switching out lights, shutting doors and lifting toiet seats to wee. And who is moaned at and blamed if the electric bill is high? I’ve suggested making a list, but no that’s too unmanly (sigh).


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