Tuesday, December 12

Chromium OS Netbook to Release 7Th Dec 2010

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The long awaited operating system by Google based on Chrome, is soon releasing! Chromium OS is Google’s open source operating system that is initially designed for netbooks. It has been over a year since Google announced Chromium OS, and now – it’s nearly an official reality. It’s been said that Google confirmed the rumor, then again – Google don’t comment on rumors.

Google are trying to create their own computer, replacing the ‘caps lock’ key with ‘search’, and their custom lightweight cloud-based operating system, Chrome (Chromium) OS will be installed on the computer. Chromium is a web browser as an operating system that incorporates all the main functions and tasks that normal operating systems do, and simplified them. Chrome OS takes less than 10 seconds to boot. Google’s aim is to get you from the click of the on button, to on the Internet as fast as possible. Which is why they cut down boot tasks so drastically. They did something similar to their core product, the search engine, they achieved that, with Google instant, a service that recently debuted on Google’s birthday.

We’ll just have to wait and watch as to what Google will make of Chrome OS on Tuesday’s launch, if it even launching on Tuesday!


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