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TV 3D World is Not For Everyone

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In order to flat screen surround the image conjured by the nest to a depth of living, all manufacturers of televisions use the same technology. Advantage of electronic goggles that in each eye viewer get a different picture. The brain takes care of it, to create the illusion of space, that augment the viewing experience.

How does it work?

Companies odpozorovali our spatial perception of everyday life and film studio started using cameras with a pair of lenses that are spaced equally, as our eyes. Since the screen is not only one, the glasses must provide that each eye saw the right of the picture.

This allows you to quickly preblikávajúci picture on the TV without glasses which acts as a double. Just glasses, which are linked via infrared signal to the screen ensure that is always a split second it overshadowed the eye, for that portion of the image is not fixed. Every eye will see that part of the picture, intended for him.

The surround effect is a powerful and filmmakers often goes beyond the everyday and create scenes that exceed the possibilities of the real world. If you have this in effect felt elektropredajni, you may only deployed glasses, have been turned off. They have always bends in frame switch, which ensures their turn.

Did you know?

* 3D TV is almost no different from the ordinary. Maybe for him to follow classical broadcasting as we used previously.
* If, however, to blu-ray disc player, put a 3D film, or digital satellite receiver to tune channel with 3D sports broadcasts, or broadcast a pilot three-dimensional, the spectacle can be deployed to monitor spatial picture.
* If the screen switches to two-dimensional, and can watch a 3D movie without glasses “flat” as we used to.


Maybe you will lose comfort

Since flashing black and white display glasses are placed in polarized light as well as LCD panels, with the glasses on the eyes can not lie before the TV, turning heads as it begins to change color spectrum until the image completely nezatemní. This is not the plasma screens and NeoPDP whose light is not polarized.

To three-dimensional transmission could follow the whole family, it is necessary that each member of your household own glasses. While none of the producers of the new TV nepribaľuje such a generous package. Glasses are universal and so is the same model for children, and adults. If you do not like the head perfectly, you can restrict it.

3D world is not for everyone

To monitor three-dimensional films and programs will be accustomed. Because studios do not control exactly how their corresponding three-dimensional world with the real, the brain receives some scenes actually take. It’s like a novice driving school for the first time to hit the road alone, without an instructor. Is under strong pressure from the new sensations that the brain can handle at once.

Sensitive people are complaining about the higher burden of eyes, which is caused by flashing indicates the image, and ghosts and twin lines that may appear in some scenes. So how can someone sweat neon tubes and compact fluorescent lamps and well-being may irritate 3D broadcasting.

3D content is sufficient for tracking?

There is still a while it will take time. Although 3D TV producers trying to enter into strategic alliances with movie studios and operators of television channels, 3D content is not yet scantily.

Several hundred blu-ray titles usually fall into the genre of fairy tales and papers, three-dimensional broadcast on television most often occurs in conjunction with sports, or on special occasions.

Overall it is estimated that in countries with developed economies 3D TVs are only 4 percent of the market and their purchasing plans in the foreseeable future, 22 percent of consumers. The purchase of 3D TV can see mainly the protection of its investment in the future.

Although 3D TVs are not dependent solely on television and film disks with titles. They are an attractive platform for a strong experience of game titles that offer gamers a real spatial image as soon as you deploy glasses and detonate a blockbuster new game by clicking the controller. Dimensional image can now be recorded on the consumer video cameras with special equipment, or for dual-lens cameras, or a function of spatial panorama.



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