Monday, December 11

Dinner Hour

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The anticipation of the dinner hour was a childhood ritual that echoed throughout our neighbourhood. One by one groups of children immersed in a game of hide & go seek would dwindle until the last child reluctantly disappeared. The feeling of arriving at the house after a long day of play to eat what was cooked was a wonderful surprise. Opening the front door, I could remember being greeted by the aroma that filled the house with rice and chicken that flow into the halls of our apartment building. Living in a multicultural neighbourhood you couldn’t help but become familiar with all the ethnic dishes that made up the dinner hour.

But, Like everything, things changes and so to the dinner ritual. Childhood is now adulthood filled with phrase of “No time to eat” or “I’ll eat later” in most cases later never comes. We are now left with an abundance of fast food options and even that seems not fast enough for us. There are fewer children now who run home to be greeted by the comfort of home cooking. The human spirit is no longer consoled by this simple luxury. The dinner hour use to serve a vital purpose in our daily lives reconnecting us to those who we had not seen all day .To be invited to be engaged in a delightful communication of family, allowing our spirits to retune to the family frequency. Despite it’s simplicity the dinner hour is a important foundation when building a health family structure. Providing a home base for thoughts that linger, thoughts that cloud the mind during the busy workday or play day .

It has been said that “All things that need to be learned are learned as a child”. Perhaps all things that are learned are forgotten as a child. The home is no longer filled with tantalizing smells, now it remains empty while we figure out how fast we can receive our food as we wait in busy restaurants while some customers pollute the air with arrogance while complaining about there discontentment of services or price or perhaps the waiter/waitress is displeased.

The lessons of gathering with the family at dinner still serve as valuable to teach our children and ourselves that “Home is where the heart is”. That it is built into the foundation and flows as communication and settles in our spirit. It serves a reminder that “fast food” or constant restaurant dinning robs us of teaching our child and ourselves the basics of life. Taking time to allow the family to simmer and become one is a foundation we can not do with out.




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