Wednesday, December 13

How Much Money Can be Earned on Bukisa / Triond

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Probably like most people on these sites, I write on here because I like to write and would be blogging anyway. I enjoy putting my content online and the communities on both of these websites add something extra to my hobby. These sites seem to offer good exposure and they also offer money for viewed content.

I signed up to Triond some time ago but have only recently started using it daily. In the past month I have published about twenty articles and had a few hundred views, which will earn me $0.71.

I’m intrigued to know what kind of viewing figures others are getting on these sites and how much money they earn. I’m hoping to publish at least one article a day and was wondering what kind of numbers I need to get to before I break through $1 a month. I’m intrigued to know what some of the high earners on these sites are getting and exactly how much they put into it to get the returns they are getting.

I am also interested to know what articles get the most views. My article has been my most successful thus far, receiving one hundred and thirty three views to date.

If anyone feels the need to comment on this article with the most they have pulled in on these sites and how many articles / views they have achieved I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be interested. Also I would be interested to know which articles are getting the most views. I think the title and keywords are the most important things for high views. What do you think?

I’m more than happy to publish a new article each month with my earnings and content viewing figures if anyone is interested to know? Being the great community that it is on these sites I was wondering if anyone else wants to share?


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