Sunday, December 17

5 Rules to a Great Customer Service

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Rule no.1 – the customer must be treated in your own way

One must greet the customer with a smile and should never forget to use words such as “thanks” and “please”. It is better to call the customers by their names. This makes gives them comfort.

Rule no.2 – customer must always be treated with respect

One must have a proper eye-to-eye discussion with the customer and must immediately act according to the customer’s needs.

Rule no.3 – the staff involed in the buissness must be well trained in behaving with the customer

The art of handling is not a difficult task and hence, the staffs must be given proper training about this. The staffs must have a good knowledge of the product which they are going to display to the customer.

Rule no.4 – customer’s issues or problems must be resolved

A customer’s complaint or enquiry must be noted down as soon as possible and proper steps must be taken to resolve them. One thing not to be forgotten, the customer must be treated in a friendly manner. This might impress the customer and he may bring more customers, in return.

Rule no.5 – never commit yourself to something which you can not do

One must try to be true to the customers always. On failure, the customer gets disappointed and you might loose many customers. Hence, you will be soon known for not being reliable or loyal to the customers.

Rule no.6 – try to stand upto the expectations of the customers

Always try to gift something to your customers and try to make them regularised by giving them special discount coupons.

The above rules must be sincerely followed which will lead to the success of buissness. Such rules will enable one to win the competition with their buissness opponents. If one sticks to these rules then, the number of customers will gradually increase.


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