Monday, December 18

Silver Earrings And Their Enduring Appeal

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Most women with an eye for jewelry have at least one pair of silver earrings, as these come in so many forms. Regardless of what the current trends may be, some varieties of silver earrings are sure to be the latest trend. Finding the best silver earrings can be easier if you keep the following principles in mind when you shop.

Remember that silver earrings will have an affect on your whole appearance, even the way your face looks. Black and other dark clothing has always been preferred at many social events, especially at night, and silver goes very well with black. Many women like to wear black, and silver earrings always complement dark clothes. Earrings also have an effect on the way people perceive your face. While small earrings will make your face seem bigger, larger earrings will make it seem smaller. The style of earrings you wear will also depend a lot on where you are going. Earrings can make you look traditional, interesting or outrageous, depending on the look you want. No matter what you look like or what style you prefer, silver earrings can be used to enhance your appearance.

Chandelier earrings are one type of silver earrings that many people like to wear. These are ornate earrings that are actually like chandeliers, and they’re usually decorated with gemstones. These are not only popular now, they have been for many centuries. Women in Asian and Middle Eastern cultures have traditionally worn silver chandelier earrings as part of their bridal costumes. You can find them made with either precious or semi precious stones. These are the silver earrings to get if you want something stylish and extroverted.

If you are looking for silver earrings that have an elegant look but are still reasonably priced, you should consider ones made from natural or semi precious stones. Natural stones such as quartz, jade and agate are very attractive and can give your earrings a colorful or sparkly look. Some people like jewelry that is made with birthstones, which include some precious stones, but also semi precious ones such as garnet, amethyst and turquoise. There is no universal agreement, however, on which stones go with which months of the year, so in the end you have to make a choice that appeals to you.

Whether you want to bid on your silver earrings on an online auction or visit the nearest jewelry store, you can have a good time finding the right pair for you. Some women like to have a good selection of earrings in their jewelry drawer, so they have a pair for any place they may be going. You can keep the above factors in mind when choosing silver earrings. The main thing is to find earrings that you like that are within your budget.


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