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How Much do You Know

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Eels  are a voracious teleost fish and belongs to the order of Apodes  they have an elongatedsnakelike body, usually without scales or pelvic fins, and, of both marine and fresh-water habitat, especially the American Eel and the European Eel.


A large land mammal which is found in Africa and India,  it is used for many purposes in India like working for the local people. Elephants are known for having a good memory. A largest mammal to walk the earth,  up to four metres in height,  and, can weigh up to six thousand kilograms.  African Elephants, are noted to uproot trees, they are armed with tusks of two and a half metres long, this elephant survives the grasslands, and, humid jungles. It is found in South Africa, Senegal and Ethiopia, they have excellent hearing, and padded feet, and are quick to pick up sound waves. The trunk picks up scents, draws water and food. TheAfrican elephant kills about five hundred people every year, but, people kill thousands a year.


One of the largest of species of deer in the world found in  North America and Asia. They have four chambered stomachs, and, feed mornings and evenings. Tree bark is eaten in winter and in summer they eat tree sprouts.

The Hyena

The Spotted Hyena is found in South Africa, Senegal and Somalia.  They are scanvengers and mark anything as a prey.  Buffalos, birds, or insects and other small creatures, with strong jaws,  it eats everything, nothing is wasted.  Hyenas, have a keen sense of smell, hearing and  seeing.  They have a complexed developed brain and are intelligent and send chills in the air when heard of.  Their speed can be up to 60km per hour to 3km when in attack of prey.


A heavy porcine animal, that is found in the African rivers. A large mammal in the sub-Saharan Africa, the third largest land animal, and is mostly herbivorous.



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