Tuesday, December 12


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Insects are invertebrates, which have no backbone, mammals, like fish birds, and reptiles all have a skeleton inside their bodies which gives them their basic shape.An insect gets it shape from its outer skin, called an exoskeleton.  A thick skin that protects the animal.


All adult insects are divided into three parts, the head, thorax and abdomen.  We often find insects as a nuisance, and sometimes harmful and giving the insect a bad reputation.  but most of the insects are totally harmless and most play an important role in our world.

The first animals ever to fly were insects.  Monster sized dragon flies were the the first to fly before birds took to air.Many people in parts of our world eat insects and find it a satisfying meal.  Most bugs are clean and are unlikely to pass germs.  Tasty plant eaters, are a healthy meal.  Some bugs can make you ill so you have to watch what you eat.

Bugs find the kitchen their best place because of food.  Peckish bugs are on the  look out for food and not only for  afresh snack also fro the left overs at night.

Thirsty bugs,  slugs and scorpions are also attracted by the humid  air in most kitchens.

Safe as houses, Bugs like coming in the house to hide from birds, or other enemies that eat them.  They are not safe in the house because of black-widow spiders, and house centipedes these are found in the kitchen following the cycle of eating the other.

Keep your kitchen clean before you go to bed, to avoid the bugs coming into your eating area.   Clues if you have bugs in your kitchen, A chirping noise form behind your fridge, could mean you have house crickets, an army of termites can make a noise as they eat through the woodwork.  A strange plastic-like smell tells you that cockroaches are present, a difficult smell to detect but once you smell it, it is hard to forget.



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