Thursday, December 14

Living With You

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When you keep thoughts in your mind about all issues you are making yourself sick whilethe otherperson ishaving fun.  One can become lonely at times and when you dwell on that it takes you to a different part of your world.

You wouldn’t want to let your life revolve aroundthe otherperson, it shouldn’t be that way, your life is important to you not any one else.  Take pride in what you do, it is for you at its best.  A life alone is good for you if you chose it  but if you spend most of your time alone because yourfamily membersare forever tied up in their work and you off course have no choice but o be alone then you have a problem.

Spending all your time alone can be boring if you don’t have much to do, a good idea is to continue writing and let your thoughts grow on paper, or you could go for a walk, to ease your lonely life. People who feel lonely should call up a friend, communication is crucial, don’t be left out.

A life with sorrows makes you ill on the inside, if you are healthy it shows on your face, so take care of you and make sure you don’t let yourself  stray.  Always  have a full day.  Don’t depend on others to live your life and make you happy you got to do it for you.

You shouldn’t live your life according to other people’s opinions. Life should be free  to explore and enjoy to the fullest.


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