Sunday, December 17

Top 10 Stupid Answers When You do Not Understand The Question

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In theory, a question is an appropriate response.In practice, we all know that it does not work like that, and it is often much more tempting to dodge the question rather than answer.If your partner has 4 years is easy,“you’ll understand when you grow up (e)”is suitable for all situations.But it is often more complicated to get away without going to the zero degree of culture.Not to lose his means to a question that you did not reply.

  1. “42”: because 42 is the ultimate answer to questions about life, the Universe and Everything.May eventually answer the question“What natural number following 41 and preceding 43?”.
  2. “The answer D: because it is always the answer D.
  3. “A duck”: because ifa “duck”can prove an innocent woman is a witch, so it can prove everything.
  4. “Google is your friend”: does not work if the person asking the question did not know Google.In this case, you talk to Louis XVI and it’s time for you to ask some questions.
  5. “You knew that the oldest animal alive known to date is 405 years of a clam?”: poof, forgotten the original question.Answering a question with a question is as old as time, but it works every time.The little something that makes the difference: Consider updating the age of the animal every year (until his death).
  6. ” Kamoulox” : by mimicking a hand gesture of triumph.Take your fingers pointing skyward to consolidate your victory.
  7. “You can repeat the questioooooon?”: no need to specify how to pronounce it.A repeat until your partner gives up repeat his question.
  8. “He has no wings”: especially when walking.
  9. “You want to make love instead?”: success rate near 100% if you are a woman and a man the caller.Slightly smaller otherwise.Avoid it if you’re the same sex.
  10. “Do not ignore the question and answer”: use sparingly (or someone else), otherwise they will be more to speak at all.

And you, what is your response going on everywhere?


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