Friday, December 15

How Social Networking Can Help You Find Your First Job

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For hundreds of new job seekers, social networking is a highly successful tool for landing a first job. How can social networking help you in your job quest?

Social networking is open-ended. If you apply for a position using an online job bank, you’ll either get an interview or you won’t. The HR office isn’t going to call you to say, “Your skills don’t really match our needs, but you might be a good fit for my niece’s husband’s best friend’s company…” On Facebook or Linkedin, contacts are likely to say exactly that. Even a casual acquaintance is motivated to pass on your job search details to their close friends and professional contacts, who in turn will do the same.

According to a study conducted by the Job Seekers Alliance, employers are 89% more likely to hire candidates who come with personal recommendations. Asking for job leads on social networking sites ensures a personal connection to anyone who interviews you. Even though the personal connection might be several steps removed, in the employer’s mind there’s no real difference.

Use social networking sites to announce your job search, post details and updates, and ask for introductions and leads. Social networking could help you land your first job.


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