Wednesday, December 13

Loopt on Iphones: The Next Big Marketing Opportunity?

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If you feel a little creeped out at the idea of people knowing your exact location at all times, you might want to take a pass on the social network application that made headlines by becoming the first-ever third-party application to offer an always-on location service on the iPhone: Loopt.

“You need your mobile phone to update your location in real-time while you’re in motion,” urges Loopt’s trial offer webpage.

While “need” might be a little obsessive, there’s no doubt that avid iPhone and iTouch users will love the novelty of seeing who’s around and what they’re up to. The application displays users as icons on a map so you can see exactly where your friends are. Users can also post messages to invite viewers to join them or keep friends updated on later plans.

Because Loopt now runs in the background on the iPhone, you won’t need to open the application to use it every time. When your location overlaps with a friend using the service, Loopt will automatically alert you. Loopt already offers this feature on other platforms, such as Android and Palm Pre, but this is the first time that AT&T has officially sanctioned a third-party application to run in the background.

Just as Twitter transitioned from being a fun social networking gimmick to being a powerful marketing tool, location-aware tools like Loopt are positioned to become the next big marketing platform. Now that AT&T users can take advantage of the always-on feature, the horizon is wide open for smart developers and marketers to connect with Loopt users. How will your business take advantage of this innovative technology?


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