Friday, December 15

Agree to Disagree – One of The Important Life's Lessons

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There are situation in life that we cannot control and sometimes worst comes. Situations like people tend to see it right but in reality it isn’t. Like for example when a person tend to blame you and want you to agree on something that you cannot defend on but what you judge-in-mind is that your ABSOLUTELY right IN ALL ANGLES and since you’re the person that has the intellectual balance between emotions and righteousness then you “Agree to Disagree”.

Agreeing to Disagree is not basically lying to that person but you’re trying to make an effort for an argument to put an “initial end” since time can change everything and later realize the wrong decision that person had made. Basically, you’re saving him for such mistake and keeping a cool mind and when the right time comes talk it over again and then explain why you agree to disagree to end such conflict.

Such method in life’s lessons “You don’t have to win every argument, Agree to disagree” certainly gives you a rightful way in ending an argument when it becomes more than an issue itself. Opposing opinions can drive unstable emotions and feelings, which have no I.Q. so be careful and to agree to disagree is being tolerant in such situations, which the opposing person is not anymore thinking and full of immature reasoning.


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