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Diets And The Amino Acids of Your Body

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Humans are complex multicellular organisms. As such a person requires many nutrients, minerals and amino acids to function at peak efficiency. These can be provided by food and it is through food that other components such as vitamins are created. By examining the many foods and then moving on to how they each contain the essential vitamins and minerals it will be shown how chemicals and chemistry can help the human body to function at peak efficiency.

Dietary intake is important to sustain the life of the human body. In a diet there are a few necessary components which are required by the body. These are vitamins as provided by food as well as water. Water is essential for the body to function as the body is made up of 75% water. The nutrients from vitamins allow cells to operate at their most efficient level. They also prevent problems in the body that is caused by vitamin deficiencies. Food is grouped into food groups by governments and other organizations to make it easier for people to eat healthy diets. These food groups also tell us which foods have the most of each vitamin that is required by the human body. The food groups may also vary by the region that they are created in and the group or organization that it is made by as a well-balanced diet can be achieved in many ways. The human diet also has genetically modified foods. These foods are made to be more resistant to pests and other chemicals in the environment. As they are more resistant to these, they require less chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers to grow and yield a large crop.

There are around 20 amino acids that exist. They have common structural features such as a carboxyl group of molecules. Of these 20 there are 8 which are essential for the body to operate at its maximum efficiency. As amino acids are not created by the body they need to be taken in by food and liquids. All amino acids have a carbon atom in them. When amino acids join together, they form proteins which are used by the body to carry out the chemical activities which are essential for life. Acids have many structures and forms. They can be linear, coiled, or they can have a folded shape. Most proteins are important for the structure of cells in the body. They are necessary for chemical reactions which act as an energy source for the body and they also help increase the rate of reaction that is carried out by enzymes. Proteins can be rearranged by the body for many uses which involve chemical reactions and function of the body.


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