Thursday, December 14

A Good Morning Nightmare

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The sun rose above the tree line and shone upon a little village along the mountain trail, The light found it’s way into a room of a boy, A boy named Jacob.

Jacob and his father would wake up every morning to cut wood, for fire while his father would be off in the forest hunting for game, His life seemed perfect to him and after the last log was split, He went off playing with his neighbor’s children on the grassy mountainside which faced the lake.

Noon was nearing and he was expected to be back soon or his father would scold him for leaving the house unattended and to his relief his father has not yet come back from his hunting, a little while later his father came out of the dark woods and brought back three squirrels, Jacobs mouth watered like an overflowing pot of boiling water, and as he was looking down on the squirrel soup, He remembered his late mother and a tear plopped into the soup, and Jacob started to cry and his father patted his back and asked what was wrong.

“What happened to mum?, Where did she go?, Why did she leave us?” he said in reply

His father said softly “Hush now my child, all will be alright your mother is in a better place now, A place up in the sky where the bluebirds soar”

Jacob stopped crying but continued to sob for an hour and fell into a deep sleep, He dreamt of the day he was born, His mother in the barn with her hands tied to a support to keep her comfortable, Her legs were spread wide open, what came next struck Jacob with disbelief, His mother died in child birth, Then he woke up breathing heavily with a face flushed in red.

When the night crept slowly in and day left their side, Jacob and his father boiled the last of the squirrels, He looked up at his father and said in a calm tone

“What did happen to mum?, Did she really die?, What if she could be out there?”

His father didn’t reply he just stared into space like as if he was viewing something from the past his father opened his mouth and said “Just go up to your room I’ll tell you in your sleep”

That statement gave Jacob a puzzled face, He just went up to his room and lay in bed until his eyes closed and his mind wandered off.

Jacob saw himself with his mother while she was making breakfast, Then loud footsteps came from above, And his father came down the stairs with a red face, his mother could just watch in horror as her husband was making his way to her angrily.

His father whispered softly in a killer-like tone “You infidel… You betrayed me and your son” and without warning he punched his mother and beat her to death, Jacob couldn’t even bear to see his mother being dragged behind the house and dropped into a hole a deep hole, It seemed like a well.

He woke up to find his father in a stroke talking about ghosts attacking him and taking vengeance for his murder.

Three days later his father died of stroke Jacob was left alone in his house, He cried for hours and stopped for a few minutes and cried again until this soft soothing voice call his name and Finally he was pulled out of what seemed to be a nightmare.


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