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One of The Best Place to Spend Summer Vacation: Baguio City

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If you want to travel to the Philippines and want to spend your vacation away from traffic in the city, have some fresh air and wanting to see some luscious green forest, Baguio City is the place to be. It is widely known as the summer capital of the Philippines. Most probably because when all the islands in the Philippines are hot, Baguio is an exception. It’s mostly cold in this city averaging from around 15-23.3 deg Celsius year on year because it is considered as the highest elevated city in the whole country.

How to get there….

Baguio City is just a small city found in middle mountain ranges in the northern Luzon, which is about 1.5 kilometers above sea level. It is about 6 hours when you travel by land from Manila and around 3 hours from Clark, Pampanga. There are many bus services you can avail or a personal vehicle can be used to go there via the three major access roads Kennon road, Aspiras-Palispis Highway and Quirino Highway or Naguilian Road.

When you get to Baguio, am pretty sure you will get refreshed with the environment, the people and the culture. The people are very hospitable, living expenses is very affordable including the food and accommodation. Baguio also boasts of their huge strawberry farm where they have become one of the producers of this fruit all over the country and across the world.

What is there in Baguio to spend your vacation?

Baguio City boasts of its tourism. Their economy mostly depends on the number of tourists that is increasing every year. You can see many South Korean citizens every where in the place and some other nationalities. Why are there so many people flocking all over this place?

Tourist attractions are the main reason why Baguio City has earned its title as the summer capital of the Philippines. These are some of the tourist attractions:


You can have horse riding on this park because there are many horses available which you can rent at an affordable rate. That is why many tourists name it as the “Ride Park”.  Here you can also see towering pines pooled separately in 100 meter distances.

MinesView Park

You can view Baguio’s mountain ranges where the abundance of green forest. There are also horses which you can take pictures as well as the natives of the place.

Burnham Park

This park has all the amenities you can see such as basketball courts, tricycle riding, biking, boat rides, picnics and a lot more. This was considered as the oldest and the pioneering parks in the city.

Mansion House 

This is considered as the official residence and a working office of the highest public official in the Philippines whenever he/she spends vacation in Baguio.

Philippine Military Academy 

The academy that houses and molds the future defenders and generals in the country as part of the Armed Forces in the Philippines.

There are lots of tourist spots found in Baguio. You can search some of those not mentioned here can be found through searching it online. If you are a Filipino or a tourist, find sometime to go here in Baguio and get relaxed and refreshed with the beautiful sceneries around.


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