Thursday, December 14

Hair is a Layer of Dead Protein

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Your hair is nothing but a layer of dead keratin. That is a form of protein and that the size, texture and length etcetera depending upon genetic makeup, besides the overall health conditions of a person.

More than any thing else the genetic make-up has a large part to play, the delicate texture, the different colors and shades, the smoothness, the length all depend on your heritage of the genetic make-up, that means that if your genes do not allow you to have long hair, you would not grow them long, how ever hard you try.

As a matter of fact the growth of hair is cyclical and each of your hair, yes you read me right, has its own life and stage of growth, that means when the hair will grow, increase, stay at rest and finally will fall, is a process and that is a continuous process.

The process begins with Anagen-This is the time when the growth rate of a hair is at its prime and it grows at the rate of one centimeter per month approximately up to a period of three months and lives up to five years, but that may vary from person to person and part of the body, the hair belongs to like head, face or other parts of a human body. The hair at skull would hold for a longer period compared to hair at a man’s face, and this stage comes to the end then comes the stage called ‘Catagen’-when the hair comes to stay or rest for less than a month, that means hair would neither grow nor fall but would remain as is where is, before reaching to the stage known as ‘Telogen’- this is the finale stage the hair and the life of the hair remains lesser than a month and more than ten percent of the hair in this stage have lived their life, try how ever hard you do even oiling or massaging would not help but help them falling faster due to the pressure applied and the humid conditions only increase the percentage of the hair reach in to Telogen stage the hair fall goes up to double than in normal conditions.

Now can we slow the process of hair fall?

Only up to some extant, try to keep them as clean as possible and please note that this is the scalp that needs most of the cleaning because the infections like dandruff make the roots weaker and shampooing them regularly clears away the roots besides the unwanted particles of dust from the hair that may reduce some of the hair fall contrary to common belief in some areas that regular shampooing is harmful, in fact the hair that has completed its life span comes out when shampooed and wet with water more easily as the dead hair gives up its root and this hair would have fallen in any case.

Please do not forget to dry your hair immediately after the wash and do not comb or brush them when still wet as that will certainly increase the chances of fall of hair. Same goes for massage and heavy brushing or any stress, the hair in Telogen stage are bound to fall.

Some more reasons those make the hair to fall-

Though these reasons are unavoidable but make your hair week and make them fall like, birth of a child, deficiency of blood known anemia, or chemotherapy that is part of the treatment of cancer.

Now you know that the cleaner hair and avoiding unnecessary pressure can prolong the life of your hair, the basic thing being a clear skull.


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