Thursday, December 14

Stargate Sg-1: Full Alert

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About halfway through the season, Stargate SG-1: Full Alert aired, and actually, I like it a lot.

Early on there is a neat moment.  It occurs as Jack gives SG-1 their individual assignments.  With Sam and Teal’c taken care of and both of them gone, Jack keeps writing on his pad, while Daniel just sits.  Finally, Daniel has a great line about picking up his dry cleaning, and that’s when Jack finally gives him his assignment. It was a great line and fun to watch.

The story takes Daniel to Russia, and that’s where he meets his Daria, his contact.  The first scene with them is so funny.  There was definitely a positive buzz going on which was combined with humor.  The whole scene is terrific.

What was too bad is that the last scene of the show was supposed to be a scene with Daniel having returned from Russia a bit later than anticipated, and that’s because he’d had a date with Daria.  Though filmed, it was deleted from the final cut.

If you know the stories associated with the show, this show can be even more fun to watch, like in the scene when Sam sends a fax and walks out.  Amanda Tapping really did that because she had an appointment.  They filmed it and she quietly walked swiftly off the set as the filming continued.

Great show, except for the ending which was a little too downcast.


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