Tuesday, December 12

Stargate Sg-1: The Scourge

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Stargate SG-1: The Scourge, a show from the 9th year of the series, is actually one of the better shows of the year.  It has some intrigue to it, too.

The premise of the hour has SG-1 ordered to escort members of the IOA Committee off-world.  I love the opening bit with the team ready to gate somewhere else on a mission when they are pulled away to do this baby-sitting bit.  It’s pretty fun.

There’s even more fun when Daniel and the female representative from China speak in Mandarin.  They don’t think anyone else knows what they are saying and then are surprised when Mitchell, who they’ve been joking about, suddenly speaks in Mandarin as well.

Daniel and the Chinese woman have some good chemistry, the best I’ve seen since Full Alert when he interacted with the Russian gal, Daria.  Aside from Sam, these two have been the best female leads for Daniel in the show.  Their discussion about the ownership of the Stargate and ‘what if’ is awesome.

The face off between Sam (Amanda Tapping) and Woolsey is good to see.  Sam doesn’t often get to be an adult with authority who looks and acts the part, but she does in this bit.

The little critter bugs that wreak havoc for the team and their guests provide some nice drama.  I actually enjoy the little things.  That said, the resolution is stale, one done quite a bit at this stage of the game.


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