Friday, December 15

Internet is so Part of us These Days.

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Nowadays, people use internet almost all the time and almost everywhere. On their mobile phone, on their netbook, laptop, desktop and other devices. It has been an important part of us. And the online community is fast becoming the biggest “country” in the world.

Shopping online is becoming more popular nowadays. One reason for the increase in popularity is that some designs of porduct are not sold in a particular country, therefore, people order online to have the design they want to be shipped over. Shipping online may also be cheaper than brick and motar stores, no rental is needed therefore overheads are not as high as real shops. Resulting in more promotions and lower prices. Different currency exchange rates is another reason. Therefore, when currency rates are against buyers’ favour, they tend to buy product at a lower price after it is converted to another currency.

Jobs online are also getting more in demand today. Companies hire freelancers to do a certain job at the comfort of their homes, because these people will be able to do it at home, they are in favour, lowering the amount companies payout. Jobs ranges from data entry, advertising, coding, webpage design, etc.  

But because of the demand for jobs and shopping online, scams are rising just as fast or maybe even faster. Certain companies advetise to persuade others to work for them, when work is done, companies just disappear away. Some advertise and sell ebooks and software which promises to make an amount of money in a small period of time, which turned out to be something of no use. 

“Then how would i know which company is legitimate?” i bet you’ll be asking this. I’m sorry, but you just have to gamble and do your research. Andy may say Facebook is scam, but Amy have payment proof from Facebook. Who should you believe? Why should you believe him? The internet world is becoming more of a big sea with sharks everywhere. 

So, always do your homework before you put your money in anything on the internet. 


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