Thursday, December 14

The Variety of OC

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The variety of Orange County makes it an interesting county, whether spending your days and/or evenings at amusement parks, such as Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm, enjoying a sporting event at Anaheim Stadium and Might Ducks Arena, or enjoying the beaches, cafes, hotels, art galleries, and nightlife along the coast of the OC Riviera. Orange County has something for everyone. On weekends, people enjoy hanging out at malls-turned-into- entertainment centers, whether strolling and window shopping, checking out an event or fashion show, watching a movie at their theaters, or enjoying a snack or dinner. South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island, Spectrum, and The District are the four main malls that people congregate to for their hangouts. Fashion Island is along PCH and has an upper class ambiance. It is close to the ocean and harbor. South Coast Plaza has more trendy boutiques, major department stores, and small restaurants. Many other stores, mini malls, and theaters surround this mall. Spectrum looks more like an amusement park, with a Ferris wheel, carousel, train for toddlers, a huge IMAX theater, a big 24-Hour Fitness Gym, many eateries and coffee shops, FIDM School, and many stores, including Target. It tends to be more casual and laidback, and it was created more for the younger age groups. It is a place where families can hang out with their kids all day, whether working out at the gym, watching a movie, ice skating at a temporary ice rink in December, and then eating a snack or lunch. The District is a small and trendy mall, created more for teens and 20-something age group crowd. It has a big theater, many trendy restaurants and stores, Borders, large screens for music videos, a stand for weekend bands or other events, and snack stores and breweries. There are also big stores, such as Target, Costco and Lowe’s as well as a grocery store, Michaels art store, TJ Maxx, and Best Buy.

  Depending on where you more prefer to hang out, there are seven particular OC styles to look out for during this December 2010. The Vintage Preppy Person, The Adventurer, The Playful Artist, The Futuristic Age Mod, The Traditional Elegant Person, The Practical Sporty Person, and The Trendy Person each have their own particular style and personality that set each one apart from the rest.

  The Vintage Preppy Person is into the classics, but modernized for the current time. Whatever they buy, it must have a classic print, such as plaid, checkered, pinstriped, hounds-tooth, or other men-style suit prints. Key pieces to look for are wool blankets and throws, high-heel oxfords, plaid purse, pottery that has a colorful plaid design, a tweed mini-jumpsuit with long sleeves, ring with a monogram, gift certificates for elegant stores, and notebooks with a plaid or men-style texture print. This person enjoys expensive wines, chocolates, jewelry and tweeds, and will mostly likely hang out at the Fashion Island mall. This female prefers natural-colored makeup that blends with their skin color.

  The Adventurer is a gypsy and a traveler. This person dreams of going on an African safari someday, but is currently enjoying cross-country trips by bus, car, RV, or train because of affordability issues. Their style reflects the earth, nature and animals in order to support environmental and animal causes. Everything they buy tends to be in earth tones or has an animal-print design, such as makeup, clothes, accessories, and other objects. A neutral-colored trench coat that has a fake fur trim on the collar and pleather gloves with fake fur trim keeps this adventurous person warm during the cool winter months. For accessories, various shapes of neutral-colored bangles as well as pins and brooches of elephants, giraffes, wildcats, and other wildlife decorate a neutral-colored outfit; she carries a purse that has an animal-print design of either a zebra, tiger, leopard, giraffe, or reptile as well as wears a high-heel, open-toed, and lace-up bootie that has cutouts on the sides. This person will never leave the house without her 50mm camera, round-shaped sunglasses, flask that has her favorite energy drink or hemp soy drink, an herbal-derived perfume, and a journal book to record her adventures. While traveling alone, this person is often seen wearing headphones to listen to her favorite new age, contemporary, or alternative music. Even this person’s home décor, sheets, towels and pillows have a nature and animal theme.

  The Playful Artist loves color, and this person often expresses herself with lots of color, whether her clothes, makeup, accessories, or home décor. A rosy dark pink lipstick matches her rosy-colored equipment shirt, which is worn with leggings or jeggings, colorful knit hat, metal cuffs with colorful gems in pink, blue, red, green and white, and a high-heel strappy shoes that has band straps in various colors and designs. She always carries a clutch that has a small strap handle. Inside this clutch, a key-chain, that has a playful and fun character, holds her important keys. She often browses through books that have styles of art, which inspire her to create her own artwork. She is often found in a café, browsing through an art book and drinking a glass of wine as she dreams of someday traveling to Europe to further study European paintings, structures, sculptures, and buildings. She enjoys browsing inside candy stores, looking at the different candies in various shapes, colors and flavors, and usually ending up buying a multicolored palette of sweet and sour flavors. Inside her home, candle holders in various colors as well as ashtrays and bowls in various shapes and designs seem to stand out among the clutter.

  The Futuristic-Age Mod loves silver, glass, and transparent objects. Her style is simple and sleek, with clean lines, geometric shapes, and three-dimensional art shapes. She dresses in a neutral-colored, monotone outfit, whether a blouse and skirt or a blouse and pants. A narrow belt of the same color is added. Her clutch and shoes also tends to be in the same color. Her high-heel silver shoes are very simple, having one strap around the front and one strap around the ankle. Besides a silver watch, she also wears a silver ring that has geometric-shaped diamond stones as well as dangling earrings of clear and silver stones. Whether long or short, her hair is sleeked back away from her face, whether with a narrow headband or updo hairstyle. Inside her clutch, she never travels without her multi-tool gadget, which has various mini knives, bottle opener, scissors, nail filer, and other important tools that she can’t live without in her daily life. Like her outfit, her home décor tends to also be very minimal and modern. One or two modern art pictures or paintings are seen hanging on her white walls. In the center of the room, there is a modern looking piece, which is a fire-table, and it serves as a coffee table. Silver or transparent geometric objects are seen inside the rooms for decoration. At first glance, this room looks like an art gallery studio displaying modern art paintings and sculptures.

  The Traditional Elegant Person loves classic pieces that never go out of style. She prefers to watch old movies as well as listen to old songs. She wears 50s-inspired dresses but with a modern twist. It is shorter and has a modern cut. Ballet flats with long strap ribbons are the shoes to wear with this little black but flirty dress. And, simple panty hose is a must with her dresses. Besides an elegant black watch, other must-have accessories include simple dangling earrings that look more like elegant chandelier pieces, black-rimmed eyeglasses, and her favorite perfume. In her pastime, she loves to play chess, listen to classical music, watch classic movies, read classic literature, and browse through books of big name fashion designers. She has a large supply of pencils because she loves to write, often dreaming of writing that big novel.

  The Practical Sporty Person likes to be comfortable at all times, whether at home, work, or at a party. At home, she is always seen relaxing on a cushiony lounge chair with a matching ottoman. A soft fleece blanket covers her body as she watches TV or reads a magazine. A pet is usually seen sleeping on her lap. She snacks on chocolate and caramel candies when she craves a sweet treat. When she is not hanging out with her indoor pets, she is taking care of her horse. She dresses in an equestrian outfit and cap as she uses her brand new equestrian set to groom her horse. When she needs to dress up, she prefers wearing a sequin cropped legging, metallic belt, and a simple blouse or sweater. Her favorite accessory that she wears is a round-faced watch with metal band. It has the date and a second hand, making it very simple and practical, just like her style. She also wears a simple chain bracelet and necklace, dangling earrings in one color, and aviator sunglasses. She prefers to wear simple flats at all times. But if she wants to wear high-heels, she chooses the wedge with wooden heels. She sprays on a natural perfume or body spray for a subtle but nice smell. Her hair is simple, whether straight and tussled or pulled back in a low ponytail.

  The Trendy Person lives on must-haves. Each season, this person buys few pieces carefully to update her wardrobe. She picks the color and pieces very carefully, making sure all the new pieces go well with her old pieces, but still updates her look to the current season. This person seems very detail oriented and analytical, often seeming quite anal, at times. She just wants to make sure that she looks perfect at all times. This month, she picks a knit scarf, a bib necklace of sparkling diamond stones that is attached to ribbon ends, four clutches for different occasions, a simple ring band, a ring with large gem, her favorite perfume, a pen hanging on a chain, a favorite holiday mug for hot chocolate, coffee and tea drinks, matching plates for her snacks as she works on her computer or other projects, and fun jewelry made with dice. Her look is all about mixing and mingling the old with the new to update her look.


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