Sunday, December 17

The Sole Purpose of Writing a Movie Review

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Many might have the interests of watching a movie and afterward, post a review of their opinions and thoughts of that movie plot and so forth, having a kind intention of perhaps to boost the movie ranking in the box office and to arouse viewers’ likes about this particular movie. Though they have this plan of doing it, they may sometimes being related to movie spoilers or similar terms to describe them which I find it rather harsh and unfair.

They are doing their best to make the outline of the movie more in-depth and to help movie viewers made a better decision in whether this is the movie they were seeking for. I believe we should support their ideas and to aid them by not calling them spoilers. Besides, we can know what the movie is about better since sometimes, the twist of the movies were so sudden or required a higher level of understanding of the plots such as “Inception” that we do not really know whether is this the true meaning of the movie which the director want to convey. That is where movie reviewers come into the scene, to help us understand and sometimes, we can even discuss about the movies by writing what we thought is right. This is also another form of rapports that we can show to the writers. By the way, the movie Inception is directed by Christopher Nolan and with my favorite movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe and many more popular actors and actresses.

It is also a good idea if we can extend this movie articles writing to video clips, anyway, sometimes it depends on the audiences’ choices, some preferred listening more than reading as this is a faster way to get a basic idea of “this” and “that” especially for last minute picks. There was a saying, “when there is demand, there is supply”, I believe if we need this kind of supports, we might get it pretty soon if we show enough wants.


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