Tuesday, December 12

Stargate Sg-1: Covenant

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Stargate SG-1: Covenant guest stars Charles Shaughnessy as wealthy businessman, Alec Colson who also is a huge believer in the public knowing the truth, whatever that may be.  He takes this to new heights via a press conference where he makes accusations that only some really know the extent of.

I love watching Daniel’s and Sam’s reactions to the conference, and the discussions with Jack about it are good, too.  When Colson displays an Asgard at the second conference, things really get to be fun.

In this program Kendall Cross recurred as reporter Julia Donovan, first scene in the Prometheus episode in season 6.  She tends to add some color to the shows.

My favorite moment is probably a bit of a quirky one, but I really love the scene when Daniel and Sam leave Colson’s office.  Sam is talking to Donovan on the cell phone, while Daniel is getting his messages on his cell phone.  I admit it’s silly one, but I just love watching them walk and get into that sporty red car. They looked so smart together, all dressed up.  I just loved it.

I also enjoyed the exchange between Jack and Thor, which always has some humor to it.


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