Friday, December 15

Top 10 Free Apps For The Iphone

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I purchased my iPhone with the intention of using it solely for work. That concept lasted approximately 5 minutes after discovering that 250,000+ apps were on offer. From social networking to productivity, from sports to weather, here are some of my favourite and most highly rated FREE apps for the iPhone.

TweetDeck: If you’re a fan of Twitter then this free, slick app is for you. It is fully customisable and can display a wealth of info about your feeds.

Yelp: Are you a traveller? If so, download this brilliant and easy to use travel companion. Simply point your iPhone in the direction you want to go and a list of nearby bars, restaurants, ATMs and the like will appear!

Google Earth: One cannot mention travel without also mentioning this incredible free app from Google, which includes links to Wikipedia. It offers information, satellite imagery, maps and 3D buildings for virtually every place on the planet.

One Tap Movies: Off out to see a film but don’t know what’s on? This app tell you all you need to know – what’s showing at your local cinema(s), times and even movie reviews. And it’s completely free of charge!

News: There are numerous free news apps available. Amongst the very best are Time Magazine, BBC News and New York Times.

iTranslate: Using Google Translate, this excellent free app will translate the English you input into any one of 35 languages. Great if travelling to a foreign country.

Yahoo! Sportacular: We love sport in our house and this superb free app from Yahoo! will provide any other sports fans out there will up to minute results, team news and stats for your chosen sport(s). It looks great too.

The Weather Channel: This professional looking app will automatically tell you the weather where you are as soon as you start it up. It includes maps and videos for any destination so you’ll also know what the forecast holds.

Surf  Report: A nice twist on the weather app – this free app concentrates on the coastlines looking for surf specific info such as wave size, temperature and wind speed.

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