Monday, December 11

Stargate Sg-1: It’s Good to be King

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In my opinion, Stargate SG-1: It’s Good to be King is essentially the show that I consider to be the last real team outing for SG-1. It’s the final time in the series that we get to see the real SG-1 off-world, together, including Jack (Richard Dean Anderson).

It’s Good to be King is the only show where Jack goes off-world after being promoted to general.  He does have some terrific moments in that regard, too.

The basic premise is that the team has to retrieve Harry Maybourne from a planet that is about to be invaded by the Goa’uld, only when they get there, the team discovers he’s being treated like a king.

One of the fun scenes is when the team is surrounded by the locals, weapons aimed.  Anderson insisted on a moment when he would stand up and the leaves of a tree would spread out over his head like a mop.  It’s just great.

The show isn’t perfect, like a weird moment when Jack sends Daniel and Teal’c off to secure the Gate, or when the locals are bringing SG-1 back to Harry, but the next scene has Jack calmly walking over to talk to Harry, who refers to having been told about the scene.  Bad continuity here.

The last scene is a hoot, and it’s a great show.


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