Wednesday, December 13

Stargate Sg-1: Uninvited

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In season ten, star Michael Shanks’ contract allowed him to be gone for 4 weeks.  That was a big time bummer for fans, of course.  Stargate SG-1: Uninvited is the second show without Shanks, and he’s definitely missed.  However, it’s not a bad outing, all things considered.

Without Daniel’s presence, Vala is less annoying with less chance of being vulcar and producing innuendo.  This meant that the major point of contention for this season was greatly lessened, making the episode easier to digest.

One thing I don’t like is the use of Jack’s cabin for the show.  Find some place new.  Still, what happens there is somewhat entertaining.

I like Mitchell’s nervousness in dealing with Landry, who is wonderfully portrayed by Beau Bridges.

Also interesting is Sam actually shown as being in charge of the entire SGC.  Unfortunately, we see she really isn’t cut out for it much. It is cute how she manipulates things to bail out on the cabin retreat.

Stargate SG-1: Uninvited does have its moments.  It will never be close to the SG-1 I love, but given the reality of seasons 9 and 10, it’s calm, and for me, that was absolutely priceless and all I could ask for.


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