Wednesday, December 13

Stargate Sg-1: Morpheus

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Stargate SG-1: Morpheus aired in season ten, the last of this science fiction series, and in my mind, it is one of the better ones for that season.  There is a simple reason for that.  It is one of a handful where we get to see Daniel (Michael Shanks) and Sam (Amanda Tapping) working together.

The plot has SG-1 exploring a planet in which they discover victims of a sleeping sickness. They can’t go sleep, or they’ll die.

While the team is all over the place, Daniel and Sam have some really nice chances to be friends and be supportive of each other.  One moment has Sam patting Daniel on the back, each realizing they need each other to survive.  Another moment toward the end has them more passionate about keeping the other alive and fighting.  It’s a friendship bit we wanted more of, to be truthful.

Stargate SG-1: Morpheus works because of the Daniel and Sam scenes and that reminder of the science twins we love so much.  It works, too, because Vala isn’t n the mission.  However, her part of the story is sinful and unbelievable.

There is no way Vala would be considered to be on a team.  No way.


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