Wednesday, December 13

Stargate Sg-1: Entity

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Stargate SG-1 : Entity works pretty well for a fourth season episode for this successful science fiction series. In the hour, Amanda Tapping’s Sam Carter is taken over by an entity who refuses to leave her body.  Some of the bits with possessed Sam staring intently and typing on a keypad are pretty neat to watch.

Things shift a little after Jack threatens the entity, and Sam ends up on life support and ultimately is declared brain dead.
This sets up a really terrific scene between Jack and Daniel.  Teal’c is there, too, but he doesn’t factor into this moment for me.  Basically, Daniel defends his opinion, and Sam’s, to proceed as they had with the entity, even though Sam is pretty much dead at the moment.

It’s a good argument about science versus military and is definitely the strongest point of the show, the issue of how far to go in order to obtain knowledge.

The funniest bit was early on and wasn’t so much intention humor as it was unrealistic.  When the entity scans the computer to identity the personnel, the image of Daniel is from season one, long hair and all.  In four years, one would think they’d updated the data base.


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